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CLEANPASS Posters are designed to catch the eye and help increase hygiene awareness in the workplace.
All CLEANPASS posters are designed to ensure the message is clear, simple and memorable.

At CLEANPASS we have a range of off-the-shelf posters available including: CLEANPASS Posters
  1. What is Soil?
  2. Micro-organisms and Cleaning
  3. The Chain of Infection
  4. Hand Hygiene Promotion
  5. Hand washing technique
  6. Alcohol Gel technique
  7. Colour Coding
  8. Personal Protective Equipment
  9. Chemicals and PH
  10. Chemicals and hazard symbols
  11. Healthcare Risk Waste
  12. Healthcare Non-Risk Waste
  13. Healthcare Linen
  14. Cleaners Storeroom
We also specialise in designing custom posters to meet your organisations specific needs.

We would recommend the inclusion of your organisation’s local policies in terms of colour coding and local practices.

Our posters are full colour and are laminated to comply with National Hygiene Standards
Cleanpass Coarse