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CLEANPASS - Hygiene Assessment
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Hygiene is defined as:

HIQAThe practice that serves to keep people and environments clean and prevent infection. It involves the study of preserving one’s health, preventing the spread of disease, and recognising, evaluating and controlling health hazards. In the healthcare setting it incorporates the following key areas: environment and facilities, hand hygiene, catering, management of laundry, waste and sharps, and equipment.“
Irish Health Services Accreditation Board Hygiene Standards

We carry out a range of Hygiene Assessment Tools and Services.
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The aim of Hygiene Assessments are to promote continuous improvement in the area of hygiene services within the healthcare settings.

Hygiene Assessments provide general indication of your facilities performance against National Hygiene Standards in a range of areas.
Hygiene Assessments are a vital aspect of your ongoing process of reducing Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAIs).

The assessments focus on the service delivery elements of hygiene, as well as on corporate management aspects of hygiene documentation.

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