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Evaluation is systematic determination of merit of something or someone using criteria against a set of standards.
Healthcare facilities all work to specific standards in terms of Hygiene.

HIQAHIQA – The Health Information and Quality Authority are responsible for setting and monitor hygiene standards of healthcare facilities within the HSE.
In 2008 some areas identified for improvement include the:
  • Evaluation of data and information
  • Evaluation of the performance of Hygiene Services staff
Evidence of Evaluation was lacking in many acute hospitals monitored by HIQA last year.

No evidence was presented to demonstrate evaluation of the appropriateness of hygiene services related research and best practice information available

No evidence of evaluation in the development and maintenance of Hygiene Services policies, procedures and guidelines

Limited evidence to demonstrate monitoring and evaluation of attendance on training was presented

It was identified that there was no formal performance evaluation process in place

Cleanpass trains Hygiene supervisors in evaluation techniques using a range of methods including the KIRKPATRICK method of Training of evaluation. Click here to find out more (Link to schedule and supervisor training pages)

Cleanpass Coarse