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CLEANPASS Course ContentKnowledge Module 1 - KNOWWHY WE CLEAN
This module provides you with an introduction into:
  • The theory behind cleaning
  • The importance and dangers of dust
  • Different types of soil
  • Why it is important to maintain a clean environment
This knowledge module provides you with background knowledge of:
  • Infection prevention and control aspects of your job
  • Practical training on hand hygiene and colour coding
  • Hygiene issues associated with pest infestations
Knowledge Module 3 - KNOW HOW TO STAY SAFE
This module provides you with practical knowledge on:
  • Health and safety aspects of your job
  • Security in the workplace
  • Correct use of PPE
  • Safe handling of healthcare waste and linen
  • How to deal with hazardous substances and sharps, preventing slips, trips and falls and also electrical safey
Knowledge Module 4 - KNOW HOW TO DO A GREAT JOB
This module provides you with the knowhow to carry out your work using:

  • The correct chemicals
  • The correct methods in terms of manual handling
  • Correct procedures in terms of a wide range of cleaning tasks
  • Your practical training of cleaning tasks will take place in a simulated hospital room setting.
Knowledge Module 5 - KNOW WHAT TO SAY
This module provides you with the skills to:
  • Communicate
  • Report Incidents
  • Deal with complaints professionally and effectively
Knowledge Module 6 - KNOW HOW TO BE PREPARED
This module provides you with:
  • Knowledge of the standards that you are expected to adhere to
  • How these standards are assessed
  • What determines risk categories
  • What cleaning frequencies depend on
  • What a schedule is
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